“I love how food brings people together, how it can evoke memories, that it’s a universal language and can transport you to places.”

Hi! I’m a mum of two daughters, who I homeschool and also a wife. I have always had a real passion for cooking good food and have always really enjoyed cooking for my friends, family and even strangers!

I started cooking traditional Pakistani cuisine at a very early age of 10! My mum taught me a lot of the traditional curries and rice dishes. After marrying my husband we started trying a lot of different flavours from around the world and I started experimenting more in the kitchen with my cooking. A lot of the recipes on here that you’ll find are my own recipes that I have learnt from either my mum, family, friends or created myself after experimenting. I like to take inspiration from all around me when I cook and when creating new recipes. Traveling to other countries has help inspire me in my cooking and learning how different communities use the same ingredients but come up with a totally different dish to yours has been an interesting experience.

You may be wondering where Mazadaar came from and what it even means. Mazadaar means tasty in  the Urdu language. Mazadaar initially began as a takeaway from our home and became very popular locally with friends and family. I wanted people to be able to enjoy authentic Pakistani cuisine. But I quickly realised that people wanted to learn to cook the food themselves and so I began the journey of posting Mazadaar recipes with step by step photos.

I hope that you find my website beneficial, that I am able to help you learn to cook food that may look complicated but is made simple through my step by step recipes. Please remember to share my recipes and website with others. I look forward to being a part of your cooking experience and helping you bring delicious food to your tables.

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