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Sometimes we are all thinking of the same questions, so here you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

All recipes and photos are the property of Iffat Rasheed at Mazadaar. If you require any additional information, please get in touch.


What does Mazadaar mean?

Mazadaar means ‘tasty’ in the Urdu language. I am of Pakistani background and speak Urdu and this word is used a lot to describe tasty food.

When and how did Mazadaar begin?

Mazadaar began back in 2011. I was bored at work one day and decided to do something with my cooking skills. So I decided to open a takeaway from home. I created my own menu and started selling food to local customers. I wanted people to be able to taste authentic home cooked Pakistani food. It was a huge success but it later became difficult to run once I had my girls, so instead I decided to share my recipes and step by step tutorials, and now here I am with my own blog.

Can I use your photos and recipes and post them onto my own blog or website?

No, you cannot use my recipes or photos on your website and blog.

However, you can share a link of my recipe or photo to share with others. This link must clearly show that the recipe or photo is from Mazadaar and is not created by you.

Do you offer cooking lessons?

No, this is not something I offer at the moment but is something I am planning on doing soon.

Which camera do you use?

I use my iPhone 6 plus to take all my photos.

Do you write and create your own recipes and take your own photos?

Yes, I write all my recipes and take my own photos of the food I cook or eat.

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Yes I do. Here is the link. Please subscribe and don’t forget to click on the bell icon to be notified of my latest videos.

Mazadaar on YouTube

You’ve made a mistake on one of your recipes.

Please do get in touch if you find a mistake in one of our recipes, and we will get it changed as soon as we can.

We would like to collaborate with you.

I am open to ideas and collaborations. Please send your requests to

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