Pakora Kadhi

Pakora kadhi…if you know you know.

Pakora kadhi consists of a thick creamy yoghurt and gram flour curry. Pakoras are added to the curry, which soak up all those delicious flavours. It has a slightly tangy taste because of the yoghurt but totally delicious.

I have had so many requests for a recipe for my pakora kadhi. This is one of my all time fav things to eat and pure comfort food. It’s one of those dishes to cook when you have plenty of time and patience! But it’s so worth it.

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Masala Bhindi (Okra)

Vegetables, there are so many different types from all around the world and so many different ways of cooking them. Today I cooked bhindi, known as Okra or Ladies Fingers in English. There are a few ways of cooking bhindi and today I cooked it with an onion and tomato base.

A lot of people are put of by bhindi because of its slimy texture, but trust me, it’s really tasty and if you use my tips for cooking it, it won’t be so slimy.

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Chicken Pilau

Chicken Pilau is a firm favourite in our house. This dish has so many memories for me, from eating it as a child to eating it with my cousins in Pakistan.

Pilau is a popular dish that is present at every Eid and dinner party. It is a statement dish and one that is satisfying and full of flavour. There are many different variations of pilau and as you travel through Pakistan the flavours vary slightly.

Pilau simply means that the rice is cooked in the stock with spices with either meat or veg. Chicken pilau is where the rice is added raw to the chicken yakhni (stock) and then cooked in steam until the rice is cooked. The rice absorbs all the flavour of the chicken and the spices and the aroma is amazing. Served with boondi raita this makes the perfect meal.

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Channa Pilau

Simple, fragrant and filling. I have been making this pilau recipe for years and it is loved by all when I make it.

We usually have this pilau with raita, curry or with tikkis and kebabs. There are lots of pilau recipes and I will be sharing more soon. But for now, here is the step by step recipe for my channa pilau.

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Peri Peri Chicken

After eating at Nando’s a few times I was inspired to create my own Peri Peri chicken. I threw some ingredients together and it somehow seemed to work and taste even better!

‘Peri peri’ is used within several African languages and it means ‘pepper, pepper’ and also refers to the sauces made using pepper. Peri Peri chicken originated from Africa and the flavours are now enjoyed all over the world.

In my recipe I cook the chicken on a hot cast iron grill to help crisp up the skin and give the chicken a smokey flavour and then transfer it to a pre-heated oven to cook it.

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Sabat Masoor Daal (Brown Lentils)

I just lurrrrve daal! So quick and easy to make and so tasty. There are so many varieties of daal and so many different ways of cooking it. Daal is a wholesome and delicious meal full of goodness. High in fibre and protein and loved by everyone.

This is one my quick go to dishes to cook when I don’t have much time. I served it with boiled rice, salad & achaar (pickle). You can serve it with chapattis and parathas as well.

There are two parts to cooking this daal. The boiling part and the tarka part.

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